Brand of child water of the highest category Kalinov Rodnichok and Melnitsa Animation Studio have released a joint limited series of labels featuring cartoon characters such as Three Bogatyrya, The Barkers and Moonzy. The release of this collection is timed to the 20th anniversary of the Studio. These products will be available for sale in stores in the first half of the summer. 

Child water of the highest category Kalinov Rodnichok has prepared a wonderful gift for its young consumers - the brand releases a special series of labels portraying favorite Russian cartoon characters from animated films Moonzy and his Friends, The Barkers and Three Bogatyrya. Moonzy itself, Lunya, Woopsien and Mila will be featured on 330 ml bottles. Cartoon characters of The Barkers such as Alex, Max, Rosie and Liza are depicted on 500 ml and 1L bottles, while 6L bottles will be decorated with images of Alyosha Popovich and Dobrynya Nikitich. 

The collaboration is timed to the 20th anniversary of one of the largest and most successful Russian animation film studios. Over the years, Melnitsa Animation Studio has released more than 300 different projects, including 16 full-length films, was nominated twice for the Oscars and, of course, created the beloved heroes of the whole country: The Barkers Family, Moonzy and his Friends, Julius the Horse with the Prince of Kiev and three famous Russian bogatyrs with their wives. 

Water under Kalinov Rodnichok brand name falls into the highest category. It is extracted from a natural artesian well with a depth of 155 meters, located in an ecologically clean area of the picturesque spurs of the Klin-Dmitrov Ridge. We pay attention to a special control at each stage of the bottling. The water is carefully prepared and filtered, thanks to which Kalinov Rodnichok has a balanced mineral composition and is suitable for children from day one. Kalinov Rodnichok is produced since 2008. 

Semyon Sevostyanov, Director of marketing and advertising of Kalinov Rodnik said, “The Company is very pleased that Melnitsa Animation Studio chose Kalinov Rodnik to partner with and produce child water under Kalinov Rodnichok brand. It is very important that the Russian brand of water popularizes heroes of the Russian animation studio, which have been successful for more than 20 years. I am sure that our cooperation will be successful.” Elena Berezhkova, Head of licensing department of Melnitsa Animation Studio added, “We are very attentive to the quality of products manufactured under our brands, so we are glad that our strategic partner in this project is Kalinov Rodnik. Limited edition to mark the 20th anniversary of the Studio as well as the main product range of Fonte Aqua PK is manufactured using global quality standards. We are confident that our joint product will quickly win the hearts of the little fans of the projects.”